June 22, 2022

Real reason why NANS is not in support of ASUU strike-NANS president


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The real reason why the ongoing strike by Academic Staff Union Of Universities (ASUU) has no support from Nigerian students has emerged.

Though ASUU leadership has consistently explained the reasons for the strike,
Nigerian students under the aegis of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) have not been given sense of belonging in the ASUU struggles.

And despite the level of struggle, the main beneficiaries of the struggles are not convinced why they should join ASUU to fight a common enemy.

In his submission, the President of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Comrade Sunday Asefon, accused ASUU of continued insincerity in meeting with the students union in order to hear directly from them as their fathers on the real areas of contention.

“We have met with Federal Government’s representatives and have heard directly from them, but all efforts to meet ASUU leadership is being consciously frustrated by ASUU leadership.

“We are also aware that revitalisation of our universities is not the main issue of contention between ASUU and Federal Government but issue concerning payment platform and renegotiation of the 2009 agreement. We have tried our possible best not to direct our rage towards ASUU but Federal Government.

“However, ASUU is leaving us with no option than to enlist them on list of our enemies, and we will serve ASUU with the same plate with Federal Government. Since they won’t talk to us as their closest children in this struggle, we will assume they don’t have our interest at heart and we will treat them as our enemy as well. If we are part of the beneficiaries of their struggle, they will not have problem explaining to us why our gain will be bigger than our loss if the fight continues,” Asefon had said.

It would be recalled that ASUU tried to reminded Nigerian students that the ongoing fight is meant for improvement, provision of educational standards and for the future of all Nigerian students. But the students were not briefed before commencement of the strike.

The ASUU National President, Professor Emmanuel Osodeke, stated on Friday 18 March 2022 while speaking on Classic FM morning show monitored by our correspondent in Abuja that the people they are fighting for seemed not to be in support.

Osodeke while seeking the understanding and the solidarity of the students, said he wondered why the same students who are supposed to join ASUU in the struggle are showing aparthy with government.

“We have to explain to the students to be part of the struggle, not saying ASUU is not doing this. Any day they and the parents decide to ask the politicians, where are your children schooling? If they said they are not in Nigeria, you don’t vote for them.

“They have to own this struggle that we are fighting on their behalf. You don’t expect a student leader driving Prado, visiting Government House and think any government will take you serious. When we were in students union, we dressed with jeans and T-shirt and struggle but today what do you have? Wearing suit, driving prado around the country.”

Furthermore ASUU tasked Nigerian students to carry out reasonable protests that will bring an end to the incessant strikes in the university system.

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