October 26, 2021

Open Heaven, RCCG Daily Devotional with Prayer Points, Friday 17 July 2020

Topic for July 17: Walk in the Spirit


By Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Memorise: If we live in the spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Galatians 5:25

Read: Romans 8:6-7 (KJV)

6 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.


Bible in one year: Isaiah 23-27, Hymn: Sing hymn 30

Message: –

The moment you become a child of God; you have His Spirit within you.

Open Heaven 17 July 2020 – Walk in the Spirit

“That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” John 3:6


Being born of the Spirit, you must learn to walk in Him so that you are not drowned by the world and its ways. Fish is born inside water and so cannot survive outside it. Birds are born to fly and can only thrive when they are flying, not when they are hopping. We are born of the Spirit so we thrive when we walk in Him.


When an eagle wants to kill a land animal, it takes it to the air. That is its territory. In the same way, you cannot win the world by using its principles; that the battle to the spiritual realm. While you do all that is required in the physical to succeed in life, engage in the spirit realm to win in the battles of your life.


Think in the Spirit. Many of our thoughts leave out the Holy Spirit and thus limit our success. If you always put God in the equation, everything becomes possible. To walk in the Spirit, you must always be attentive to what He is saying at all times. You must ask the Holy Spirit for directions before you take any step. Before you speak, ask Him to give you utterance. Anyone who will walk in the Spirit must pray in tongues regularly; you must also sing in the Holy Spirit (1st Corinthians 14:15).

Open Heaven 17 July 2020 Thursday Key Point

The basic secret of progress is consistency. If you will walk in the Spirit, then you must consistently be close to Him. You can’t decide to follow His lead when you are in trouble and then go your own way when you think everything is fine. If you want to walk in the Spirit, then you must surrender completely to Him, whether it is convenient or not.

Key Point:

Having the Spirit of God gives you an advantage over the people of the world; use that advantage wisely.

Special note:

Beloved Reader, if you are yet to give your life to Christ Jesus, I would advise you to do so before you continue in this reading. Remember! The Lord Jesus in John 3:3 says, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless ye are born again, ye cannot see the kingdom of God.”

And remember there is nothing like once born again, you remain born again forever. Examine yourself on regular basis. If you are ready to give your life to Christ Jesus, please pray the displayed prayer below in faith:

Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. I confess all my sin, have mercy on me, forgive me all sin, give grace to go and sin no more. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

If you just prayed the prayer of salvation online please send your testimonies and prayer request to info@rccg.org, +234-1-8447340, +234-0-7098213112.

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Our FATHER in heaven, we come before You this Friday. Thank You for Your mercy and faithfulness. We thank You for all You have done for us. Lord, accept our thanks in Jesus’ name.

Thank You, FATHER, for the salvation of my soul and for the honour and privilege, to be entrusted with the salvation of the soul’s others.

FATHER, in any way I have fallen short of your glory, please, have mercy and forgive me, in Jesus name.

Father, I pray that You will grace whatever I will use my hands to do this day with Your presence, power and majesty, in the mighty name of Jesus

FATHER, release unto each of us Your word of life for today. Touch everyone on this platform this Friday at the point of our needs. And let all the glory be Yours alone, in the mighty name of Jesus

ETERNAL FATHER, we thank You for Your Word this morning, help us to know You more and be obedient to Your words, in the mighty name of Jesus

FATHER, help me access Your grace to overcome any temptation that the devil brings my way, in the mighty name of Jesus.

FATHER, please help me to grow in intimacy with You, in the mighty name of Jesus.

FATHER, I liberate myself from every entanglement of the ignorance and lack of the knowledge of Your word, in the mighty name of Jesus

HOLY SPIRIT, direct my path today. Guide me through this day and help me to work closely with You, in the mighty name of Jesus

FATHER, as a family, we come together to ask for divine settlement in all phases of our lives, in the name of Jesus.

FATHER, I purify everything around me today with the precious blood of Jesus! My offerings, my gifts and works for the propagation of the gospel will not be stir up Your anger on me, but bring me closer to You, in the mighty name of Jesus

FATHER, please take away every affliction in my life and family. By the power in the name of Jesus, I revoke all satanic plans targeting my destiny.

FATHER, rekindle the fire of Your revival in my life, in my family, in Your church, in my nation (name), and in all the nations of the world, in Jesus’ name.

FATHER, as I commit to spending more time with You, let Your presence be evidenced in my life, in the mighty name of Jesus.

FATHER, over (mention) give me victory and do not let me fall into the trap of oppression that leads to depression, in the mighty name of Jesus

FATHER, bless Your children; Pastor E. A. Adeboye, Pastor Foluke A. Adeboye, their children and everyone working with them; grant them divine health, and at the end of their sojourn here on earth, please, let them see You in glory, in Jesus name.

OUR FATHER, please uphold Your children working everyday on this platform to prepare these prayers and declarations with Your right hand of righteousness. Give them the grace to keep up with this good work of Faith, in the name of Jesus

OUR FATHER, bless each and everyone dedicating their time to pray through these prayers & declarations at the point of their needs. Give them the grace to share/rebroadcast these prayers, in Jesus’ name.

FATHER, let every challenge, hindrance and obstacle of getting these prayer points across to Your children, timely, and on daily basis be removed, in Jesus’ name.

Your Personal petitions.
( Philippians 4:6)
In Jesus’ name I pray.
(John 14:13-14; 15:16)
Thank you FATHER for answered prayers.
(1 Thessalonians 5:18).