December 3, 2022

See how the planned redesign of Naira notes can affect you, if allowed to take place








Do not say did not tell you that if the planned redesigning of Naira notes is allowed, then these things will take place.

1. Banks must only accept cash from customers with full KYC and bank accounts.

2. Cash must only be paid into customers accounts. Cash must not be paid into ledgers or suspense accounts.

3. CBN and EFCC will be tracking all deposits.

4. Old currency will become useless on the 31st of January 2023.

5. It’s an opportunity to leverage on our branch network to drive funding of accounts.

6. It will drive digital adoption and opening of new accounts.

7. CBN will no longer print large quantities of Cash. New cashless policy to be announced in January.

8. Banks that receive cash from non-account holders or customers will be penalised by CBN and EFCC