Nothern leaders: channel your energy in war against insurgency not social media – Shehu Sani


Concerned by renewed efforts by nothern leaders to censor social media, Senator Shehu Sani has advised them to channel their energy in fighing and winning insurgency.

Charging them to face the weightier matter, which is insecurity, the former Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial district, Shehu Sani wondered why censorship of social media is their main focus at the detriment of insecurity.

The northern Governors made the call to “avoid the spread of fake news”.

According to them, the effect of uncontrolled social media is devastating.

They also condemned the “subversive” actions of some End SARS protesters, saying some people took advantage of the peaceful protest to push their “separative agenda”.

Reacting, Shehu Sani in a Tweet on Tuesday said northerners live in fear due to banditry but their Governors were more concerned about social media.

He said, ”Northern Governors; their kinsmen are being slaughtered daily by bandits & insurgents, their people are daily being Kidnapped & impoverished by ransom, their women raped & their villages are under siege.

Stiĺl expressing his convern, Sani stressed that ”Their people live in fear & funerals.Yet, Social Media is their problem.”