September 25, 2022

New Month greetings from to you


As no man can cage the cloud in the sky, as long as the Lord God Reigns, any demonic cage set up anywhere against you shall can catch the owner.

Irrespective of how harsh the economy may be in this month of July, as long as The Great Provider, Jesus Christ that fed 5,000 people with just five loaves and two fishes is alive, you shall swim in plenty of good things.

Whether the enemy likes it or not, the Lord God will make you positive wonder in the month of July.

Because it is written that you, dwelling in the Secret Place of The Most High, you are abiding under the Shadow of The Almighty, divine protection shall be yours (Psalm 91).

Because of the uncommon net-breaking blessings, you shall be congratulated and you shall be highly favoured through Jesus Christ our Lord.

. Happy New Month of July.