Motorists, commuters stranded along Lagos/Ibadan Expressway on Sunday 7 May 2023

Heavy vehicular traffic, under Magboro bidge, along Ibadan-Lagos Expressway on Sunday 7 May 2023 by




Motorists and commuters are currently stranded following the standstill of vehicles caused by an accident involving a petroleum container along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway on Sunday, 7 May 2023.

Heavy vehicular traffic at Magboro under bridge, along Ibadan-Lagos Expressway on Sunday 7 May 2023 by

Allcitynews discovered that the holdup was caused by fuel-laden tanker which fell and emptied its content on the road on Sunday morning under the Ibafo pedestrian bridge, in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State.

Findings showed that as a result of the fallen tanker, motorists heading Berger/7Up from Ibafo-end of the road were blocked by those who drove against traffic.

Those who drove against traffic from 7Up-Berger end blocked those who are heading towards Lagos end, at present there seemed no end on sight to the gridlock as there is no singular FRSC or any other law enforcement for prompt intervention

However, hawkers along the road are having field day. Commuters inside the holdup bought whatever they could get to sustain themselves in the traffic which no one can predict when it will go off.

For example, under the bridge from Arepo-end to Prayer City, stranded commuters, on top of the bridge, bought bottled water by tying long rope to a plastic bucket, lowered it down the bridge while after loading the bucket, those on top the bridge pulled the bucket filled with the water and drop the money into the empty bucket while the hawkers re-loaded the bucket again with bottled for pulled up to consumers on the bridge.


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