September 17, 2021

How to deal with evil dreams


Friend! Be it known to you that the spiritual controls the physical. That the happenings in the midnight can affect the daily activities of man if nothing is done to halt such.

Whatever would take place in the day time physically would have first taken place in the dreams.

Unfortunately, most people don’t see dreams as serious things, as such they fall into a voidable danger.

For instance a man had a dream where he saw himself in coffin. The same night he attended funeral but he could not see the face of the dead person. He woke up and waved it aside without dealing with such dreams.

Few days later, he was involved in accident that almost claimed his life if not for serious prayer. It was during hot prayer that he remembered the dreams.

Experientially, many people have suffered much from evil dreams and dream erazers in the past.

Writing on this topic, today, Wednesday 4 August 2021 was made possible by God.

Waking up from sleep in the morning whether you had evil dreams or you could not remember them. First step, do not fear. Don’t panic as this is the first way the enemy use to capture the victims.
Fear is the first step they would use to cause confusion in your mind.

Wonderfully, everybody use to have dreams. Dream is one of the ways God do talk to people. Even demonic power also use counterfeit dreams to confuse their victims (Job 33: 14-18).

This is why you should avoid making your handset your first thing whenever you wake up. Rather, take steps by praying and thanking God.for another day in His presence. Then take steps against the dreams you had in the sleep.

If you could remember them and they were good dreams like plucking or eating fruits in the dreams, you must also pray for them to manifest into real life.

And if they were confusional dreams or you could not remember the dream at all, use the blood of Jesus to cancel them.

Danger in inability to remember dreams:

When you do not remember your dream, you could have signed agreements with poverty.

You could unconsciously sign covenant with tragedy in the dream.

When you wake up ensure you cancel any evil covenant you unconsciously entered into with demonic powers in your asleep.

Unfortunately, the enemy would wipe off dreams from memory of victims to prevent them from taking positive steps in the day time.

Some may eat, drink or have sex in their dreams, even attend funeral conducted for them. They will not remember such nasty dreams. The enemy often wipe off such dreams from memory to keep such person from dealing with such.

You can take drastic steps against such dream, whether you remember them or not before they start manifesting in real life.

However, before you can pray these prayer, you must make Jesus Christ your friend. Confess all your sin because the Holy Bible says for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Tell Jesus to come and reign in your life. Tell the Lord God to write your name in the Book of Life. It is only after this step you can pray away evil dreams.

For instance: Use the blood of Jesus to cancel them:

(1) I break my dream covenant, my agreement with poverty, by the power in the blood of Jesus.
Why breaking such agreement is because the Holy Bible says “can two walk together unless they agreed?” Amos 3:3.
For example: if a probelm keep coming and going or resisting to leave you alone in spite of prayer and fasting, it is sign that evil covenant or evil dedication is in place.
Unless you break the covenant behind such problem it will resisting your prayer.

(2) I break evil covenants and curses placed on me my dream.

(3) I break my agreement with failure in the name of Jesus.

(4) I break my evil agreement with frustration by the power in the blood of Jesus.

(5) Power in charge of evil dreams, generator of evil dream, your time is up, be arrested and die by fire.

(6) Any power, any agent of darkness, using my sleeps against me, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.

(7) Agenda of evil dream for my life, your are liars, die with your plan, in the name of Jesus.

(8) Effects of evil dreams upon my life by night and by day, backfire against your owner, through Jesus Christ.

(8) By the power in the blood of Jesus, I nullified every concluded work of the enemy over any area of my life, in Jesus name.

(9) Witcraft covenants and curses over my head, blood of Jesus! Destroy them in the name of Jesus.

(10) Verdicts, judgments or embargoes of witches through my dreams, I cancel you by the blood of Jesus, release me and go back to your senders, in the name of Jesus.

(11) O God by Your mercy, give me grace to remember my dreams, in the name of Jesus.

(12) Jesus Christ, Repairer of destinies, repair the damage that have ever been done to my life, my job, my finance, through Jesus Christ.

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God bless you