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By Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, General Superintendent, Deeper Life Bible Ministry worldwide


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TOPIC for WED 18/05/22:-the power of the gospel



WELCOME to DCLM Devotional for 18/05/22


KEY VERSE: He shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the LORD” (PSALM 112:7).

When the panicking leaders of a nation decided they had had enough of a daily menu of what they called “nothing but evil news” from the local media, they wielded the big stick of shutting them down. The point however, was that what the proscribed media faithfully reported: banditry, kidnappings, cases of rape, armed robbery, communal clashes, child molestation, ritual murders, political instability among other security breaches, did not disappear with the disappearance of the media reports.

The believer should emulate the psalmist in our Bible passage. He must “not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart [should be] fixed, trusting in the LORD”. The true Christian will enjoy more peace in the midst of turmoil as he feeds himself with the comfort of the gospel of the Prince of peace.

What the world is getting in the form of evil is the result of what it is consuming: false philosophy and erroneous doctrines that are contrary to the teachings of Christ. These have not produced men and women who are “gracious, and full of compassion”. Filled with fear of worldly news instead of fear of the laws of God, and of looming judgment upon the sinner, “The wicked shall… be grieved.”

The Church must be more alive today to counter the evil news of the world with the comforting news of the gospel. With it, we can free the society from fear. That is the only way to defeat the onslaught of pernicious news in our society today.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The solution to evil news is to spread the gospel news.

THE BIBLE in one YEAR: 2 SAMUEL 18-19.


Unlock some coded secrets in the Psalms

1. Secret of generational blessings*, vv1-3.
a. What are the blessings that could be given to the righteous and also transfered to their offerings in vv1-3?
b. What are the two conditions in v1? Note the adjective greatly”. How does this challenge you?
c. Can you please claim this blessing and promise God to take the conditions serious? Why not.

2. Secret of breakthrough in the midst of distressing challeges v4.
There are four secrets for breakthroughs in v4. Can you decode them?

3. Secret of securities in the midst of fearful chaos.
a. How do you have undisturbed peace and calmness when others are fearful and afraid for their finances, family, faith and future? Carefully check the secrets in vv5-8.
b. Which of them applies to you in particular?

4. Secret of honourable promotion*, vv9,10.
a. Check vv9,10 for the simple secrets for your exaltation spiritually, socially, financially etc.?
b. Observe that the same secret will silence all your wicked adversariesđź’Ş

When you do your part, God is too faithful not to do His own

Praise God for the simple secrets of blessings revealed in the Psalms
Promise God that you will work towards fulfilling the conditions to prove His faithfulness.
Ask specifically for any of the four blessings listed above.
Pray for an open heaven of notable blessings for His children this month.

*HYMN* Standing on the promises of God.(GHS 243)

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