A man in self-defence killed roaring lion with bare hands




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When confronted with little or no option of survival, a man, took his destiny in his hands, in self-defence, fought and won the battle.

Mr Iorver Udele, took the drastic step or else would have been eaten up.

The 53 years old man,  Ior-ver Udele, from Ajio clan in Shangev-Ya District of Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State on Friday, July 7 2023, reportedly killed the lion that attacked him with ‘bare hands’ at Ngokugh mountain. Ngokugh, Benue State.

The information about the incident, gathered by allcitynews.ng showed that Mr. Ior-ver, who has made history like the Biblical Samson,  killed the lion with his bare hands. He was working on his cassava farm on the mountain, when he was attacked by the lion. In a self defence bid, Ior- ver reportedly launched a counter attack in what can best be described as a fierce battle that lasted about 10 minutes before he defeated the wild beast.

He told reporters that “I was working on my cassava farm at Ngokugh mountain and suddenly, I heard a sound like that of a lion roaring and advancing towards me. “I was nervous. I summoned courage and confronted the lion as it was coming towards me, possibly to feast on me. It took about 10 minutes of struggle before I eventually killed it.”

Although Mr. Iorver, sustained varying degrees of injury, he was immediately rushed to the General Hospital at Adik- po, where he is currently receiving treatment.

When contacted, the State Police Command’s Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Anene Catherine Sewuese, who immediately called the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of the local government, said they were yet to receive the report.

It would be recalled that on this same Mountain was where a Nigerian Military Jet crashed in September 17, 2006 killing 13 out of 18 Army Generals on board and three others rescued via by 14-year old Detimbir Chia, who discovered the crash site with his dog and has since joined the Nigeria Army.

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