Barely 5 months, D. K. Olukoya 2023 Prophetic Out Look coming to pass: suspected Yahoo Boy arrested with father, mother’s  heads in School Bag




With only five months into the year 2023, part of the 2023 Prophetic Outlook by the General Overseer, Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries worldwide, Dr Daniel Olukoya are being fulfilled.

For example, number 19 of the prophesies said this is a year of judgment for those who wickedly take innocent blood.

And in number, 22, of that prophesies, the cleric said 2023 will be “a year of regret of judgment for ritual killers and their activities shall backfire” for full review of that prophetic outlook,

Thus, when the craze for quick-quick money-making has started turning many into agents of wickedness, it was reminder to review that prophesies to see if they are coming to pass since most people have converted themselves into demonic tools in the rush for money-making.

For example, a 29-year-old simply called Kenneth was arrested with two severed heads in a bag; the victims were reportedly his mother and father, who he had murdered for monetary ritual purposes.

Residents of Kwara State turned out in large numbers to watch as an angry crowd apprehended the child and beat him severely before turning him over to the police for inquiry and prosecution.

The missing parents’ son was apprehended with human heads on his way to a herbalist and, under questioning, admitted that he and his friends, who had initiated him into ritual making, had kidnapped and murdered his parents in the woods and taken their heads for the ritual.

The young man who was savagely attacked by an angry mob after confessing said he had to hide his parents’ heads in a school bag to transport them to a herbalist.

He had bad luck on the way to the herbalist’s house since one of his relatives was following him and caught the eye of a vigilante who searched his bag. Two human heads were found during the course of the examination.

The youngster was turned over to the authorities right away.

The State Police Public Relations Officer who confirmed the tragic incident expressed amazement at the news and expressed disbelief at how callous a child could be to the people who brought him into the world.

Once police have finished their investigation, he will be formally charged in court.

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