Dearth of reliable leadership, working against growth, development of Nigeria-stakeholders 



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Which way Nigeria! song by late muscian Sunny Okosun keeps ringing bell.

That Nigeria is endowed with abundant natural resources may no longer be news but the fresh news is despite the huge resources, dearth of reliable leadership has been the bane.

In spite of God’s given crude oil, yet the inefficient leadership has been the root of problem, among crude oil exporting countries, see the numbers of active refinery:

Country Active Refinery

Saudi Arabia 5
Russia 44
Kuwait 2
Iran 3
USA 129
China 32
Iraq 15
Canada 15
Venezuela 6
Algeria 5
Libya 5
Qatar 2
Norway 1
Mexico 6
Brazil 19
India 23
Angola 1
Oman 1
Indonesia 6
Kazakhstan 3
Germany 16
Azerbaijan 2

All major petroleum exporting countries have active refineries for local consumption of petroluem products expect ‘giant of Africa’ Nigeria!.

United States of America with most refineries (129).

When they say ” God bless America “, I dont think it is because the people who reside in USA are so religious.

I think it is more about the determination of the people towards solving challenges facing them.

Hospitals, Refineries, etc, are established in Nigeria and people (Nigerians, muslims and Christians) are employed to manage them.

Within few hours, mismanagement and embezzlement of funds will take over.

We mismanaged our established refineries and all packed up simultaneously, some years ago.