July 10, 2020

Political godfatherism, threat to good governance

Godfatherism in Politics is when they buy your strongholds to maintain your weakness so that you can worship them for your lifetime.

You should not act other otherwise nor complain rather, you will go down for it.

Political Slaves now mock those who took their stand to confront the oppressors for paying the price, it’s seems you have forgotten that the saints of yesterday are the devil of today, who knows maybe you will be the victims tomorrow.

Godfatherism has made our Democracy more expensive than ever and also expose the Office holders to Corruption and looting in meeting demands of their Godfathers, the irony of it all is that the masses pays the supreme price for the deficit.

Silent Job recruitment, nomination/

appointment of incompetent People in Positions, Tax Invasion for the cartels, non procurement of Contracts are part of the demerits of Godfatherism to our social and economic values.